Why didn't anyone ask
what was happening in my love life?

My goal is to inspire you and to help you feel well. Once you learn to understand the science behind love, you will also learn to better understand yourself and the people around you. This leads to both a hormonal and an emotional balance. That’s what happened to me as well. With the help of love science, I now know how to utilise all the sources of love and draw well-being from them every day, regardless of where I am in life.

Ten years ago, I was living my dream as a mother, wife and a new entrepreneur in California, and I felt that all the pieces had fallen into place: health, relationship, dreams and work. However, life doesn’t always go the way you dream and plan it, and just two years later, I was a single parent in Helsinki, exhausted and suffering from physical symptoms. My crippling back pain convinced me to see a doctor, but despite several tests and examinations, work-related stress was the only explanation anyone had for me. I knew that wasn’t it, as work seemed to be the only thing in my life that was going well.

Love is an emotional state
with a scientific explanation behind it

The divorce and losing my dreams, needs and hopes made me feel comprehensively ill. As I’m a physician, I started to explore how love affects our brain chemistry and physical health. What happens in our brain when we fall in love? What is our brain chemistry like in a stable, balanced relationship or in the middle of a divorce? When I studied these questions, I started to find answers to all the phenomena I had been curious about. I also understood why love is so addictive and why our relationship troubles are reflected in our physical health.

Love science not only helped me find the answers to my questions but also served as a stepping stone to a new mental and physical balance.

This personal journey of mine as well as my passion to share my new-found knowledge with others resulted in the creation of Doc Emilia. I want to build a safe, straightforward forum where you can find information, inspiration, practical tools and tips for finding your personal recipe of love for healthy thriving life.

Let's make love work!