If you’re feeling low, take a moment to think about what you’ve been eating lately.

Believe it or not, even doctors fall ill sometimes. I have been healthy for most of my life, but last month, I had to take a course of antibiotics.

The symptoms of the illness cleared up in a couple of days but I felt my mood drop. Was it because of the antibiotics?

“All disease begins in the gut.” These were the words of Hippocrates, referred to as the Father of Medicine. The amount of bacteria in our intestines and on the surface of our skin and mucous membranes weighs as much as our brain. The intestines contain more than ten times the amount of cells compared to the rest of our system.

Human organs cooperate with the surrounding bacteria. Our bodies contain 360 microbial genes per each gene. Most of the microbes live in our intestines, communicating with other cells.

The functions of the gut were previously considered to mostly be centred around digestion. However, research has shown that the intestines are part of the body’s defence system. The gut removes toxins from the body and cooperates with the central nervous system.

The microbial balance of the gut affects your mood, sex drive, sleep quality, the body’s resistance, energy levels, the clarity of your thoughts and your memory. Tend to your gut with love and proper nutrition!

The beneficial bacteria in your gut prevents inflammation and enhances the functions of intestinal junctions.

This is a vital task as inflammation may promote the onset of Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, type 2 diabetes as well as cardiovascular diseases. You can prevent a number of illnesses by taking care of your gut.

The communications between the intestines and the brain work both ways. Intestinal imbalance impacts the brain transmitters and thoughts. On the other hand, stress burdens intestinal balance. The mind also needs rest. Gentle exercise and a good night’s sleep are beneficial to intestinal health.

As antibiotics temporarily affect the microbial balance of the gut, you may also experience a drop in your mood during the treatment of an illness.

I try to avoid unnecessary courses of antibiotics, prevent stress and make sure I get enough sleep. I eat sauerkraut, pumpkin, cooked vegetables and cultured-milk products. I avoid large doses of alcohol and take a course of probiotics from time to time.

I also enjoy raw chocolate and drink coffee. Both are beneficial to intestinal balance when consumed in moderation