Changing Lives with Love

Emilia Vuorisalmi is a Finnish medical doctor, Finland’s leading non-fiction writer on the science of love, a keynote speaker, and an actor.

Her scientifically groundbreaking work on the healing power of love hormones and how midlife, with its hormonal changes, can be a gateway to personal transformation, is takin the world by storm.

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New book coming in February 2025

Dr. Emilia Vuorisalmi’s journey from love addiction to balance and living her dream life is an inspiring example of the power of sustainable love, regardless of one’s relationship status.

For the first time in the world, Dr. Vuorisalmi, M.D. cracks the hormonal code for love and shows women in midlife a way to hormonal balance, healing, joy, and alignment. Stay tuned for updates about the book!

From Unbalance to Healing, Health, and Magic

After a painful breakup and a divorce, Dr. Vuorisalmi began to suffer from various odd symptoms, from panic attacks and anxiety to excruciating back pain and sleeplessness. It was as if losing the love of her life broke not only her heart and soul—but also her body.

Afraid and emotionally burned out, she was desperate to find a way back to energy and meaning, turning into what she knew best: falling in love. Grabbing onto relationships like a lifeline, she soon found herself addicted—to love.

Motivated to heal herself and bring more balance and joy into her life, Dr. Vuorisalmi dove into the science of love hormones, ancient wisdom, and the latest body-mind research.

If love could make her sick, could it also heal her, even without a relationship?

Dr. Vuorisalmi’s transformative and scientifically disruptive recipe for hormonal balance has made her a bestselling author, with her books being currently translated into multiple languages. Her own journey back to health and balance, together with the recipe for a more joyful, vibrant, and boldly outrageous life, regardless of one’s relationship status, is inspiring people worldwide.

Dr. Vuorisalmi’s holistic and hormonal take on health and healing makes her work a breath of fresh air in a big pool of self-help books and authors. With her work, she both awakens and inspires, inviting the reader to embark on the beautiful, bold, and fierce journey into themselves and showing how midlife can be a gateway for personal transformation, wisdom, and living as your fullest expression!


“I’m beyond excited to share my journey from living an unbalanced life to a place where healing, joy, and magic are present every day. I have experienced and witnessed how the scientific recipe works and changes lives. It’s time to introduce the scientific code of love hormones to women worldwide; it is time for us to heal and thrive. The LOVE revolution is here to stay!”

– Dr. Emilia Vuorisalmi, M.D.

Since being a little girl living in a small rural village in the Finnish countryside, Vuorisalmi had a lot of things that sparked her joy, acting and performing amongst the top ones on the list. She would cry tears of joy while driving back home from acting class to her then West Hollywood home, finding that something in her changed when the lights were on, and cameras pointed at her: she became fully present. Acting, for her, has shown to be simultaneously both energizing and healing. Following your joy and expressing yourself is not only a value but an essential ingredient in Dr. Vuorisalmi’s groundbreaking recipe for lasting health, healing, and living in love!

Midlife, with its hormonal changes, can be a gateway for both mental and physical healing and creating a life of magic! Dr. Vuorisalmi herself has used this unique time for deep personal healing and transformation. It was only when Dr. Vuorisalmi was 41, already in midlife, that her lifelong dream of acting came true as she landed one of the leading roles in the critically acclaimed romantic comedy TV series ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter.’

Becoming a mother at 26, a Medical Doctor at 29, a bestselling author at 35, and a co-owner of a men’s basketball team at 37 is a demonstration of Dr. Vuorisalmi’s belief that you are never late in your life and you don’t need to follow the rules and into boxes in order to build a life that feels truly like your own!

A Sought Out Guest and a Seasoned Media Personality

Dr. Vuorisalmi is a sought guest in TV shows, podcasts, events, and media.

As a bestselling author and leading expert on utilizing love hormones for healing, health, and personal transformation, Dr. Vuorisalmi has been a guest on shows such as Dancing With the Stars, MTV News, Arto Nyberg, and Finnish National Broadcasting Company.

She also frequently appears on major news and media platforms and has been the cover girl for magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail Health, Helsingin Sanomat, Gloria, Evening News, and Beauty & Health, The Fit Magazine.

Her public speaking keynotes include The Economist Summit, The International Sauna Forum, and The Ronald McDonald House Charities. She is currently an ambassador for L’Oréal. Her previous Ambassadorships include brands such as Vichy. She hosts her own Podcast ‘DocEmilia 360’ and has hosted her own TV Series ‘Glow.’ In her Social Media channels, she shares holistic tools and helps people to find true balance.


“Emilia’s message of love is empowering and inspirational for women globally. I have had the fortune of working with her and following her path, from researching love, hormones, and happiness to finding her unique formula for love and seeing the transformation in her own life. I am happy that people worldwide can learn about her lifechanging method!”

-Miina Lange, former Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan Finland

Balance Your Love Hormones for Better Health and Personal Transformation

Emilia shares knowledge of balancing the three main love hormones and continuously boosting them in our everyday lives. This recipe has helped people get to the root of their problems and recover from various addictions, physical conditions, emotional pain, and other blocks to true balance and happiness.

Dreams: Your Compass for a Meaningful Life

Dreams are here to guide us, and we must take them seriously! Emilia will help you to understand how balancing love hormones can create an upward spiral of energy and magic. She also shares extraordinary examples of how her biggest dreams have become a reality.


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“I want to combine creativity, science, media, performance to spread love revolution so that people have the tools to for a better, healthier life, with more balance and meaning. I am here to show how to tap into love and take charge of our own lives, health and wellbeing. We’re in this together. So, let’s take the Love Revolution to the next level!”

– Dr. Emilia Vuorisalmi, M.D.

About Dr. Emilia Vuorisalmi, M.D.

Emilia Vuorisalmi is a Finnish medical doctor, Finland’s leading non-fiction writer on the science of love, and a keynote speaker, an actor, and an entrepreneur. She graduated as a Medical Doctor from Helsinki University School of Medicine. In her work, she has specialized in preventive medicine and women’s health.

Her scientifically groundbreaking work on the healing power of love hormones and how midlife, with its hormonal changes, can be a gateway for personal transformation is taking the world by storm, helping people from all over the world to live a more joyful, vibrant, and boldly outrageous life!

As a co-founder and investor in several health start-ups, Emilia is dedicated to creating new solutions and technologies for holistic well-being. As an ambassador for brands such as Vichy and L’Oréal, Emilia shares the message of radiant beauty being the byproduct of energy flowing freely.

In her podcasts and tv series, Emilia works with the top names in science, bridging new and old understandings. Her holistic take on health inspires people over and over again to take action and live in love!